Create a Brand Vision That Makes Sense.

With the Helder Brand Frame® Brand Model

Strategic Brand Management

Bringing a brand to life and managing is a challenging task.

Overly complex brand models and strategy papers do not help with this.
That’s why they end up in the drawer

Helder Brand Frame®: The Brand Vision at a Glance

The Helder Brand Frame® is a brand model that places all elements of a brand vision into perspective at a glance. It literally provides the framework within which the brand communicates.

What is a Brand Model?

A brand model is typically a graphical representation that structures and visualizes the key strategic elements of a brand at a glance. It includes concise descriptions of aspects such as performance and target audience, values, attributes, and purpose, vision, and mission statements.

The inner coherence that brand strategic statements should form can be easily reviewed and optimized within the brand model.

The primary purpose of a brand model is to reduce complexity compared to reality. It summarizes strategic considerations and foundations, which are often very extensive and detailed, into a manageable format. Therefore, brand models always fall short of complete brand strategies—except in terms of understandability. This is their major advantage.

Reducing Complexity

A brand model should work for you, not against you.

That’s why we developed the Brand Frame®. The Helder Brand Frame® succinctly captures the identity of your brand at a glance. It serves as your tool for both day-to-day and strategic brand management.

Helder Brand Frame® Brand Model Elements

With the Helder Brand Frame®, you capture all relevant brand strategic fundamentals, thereby defining the framework for guiding and evolving your brand. The Helder Brand Frame® is intentionally designed to be suitable for internal company communication across different departments.

  • Brand Core

    A clear definition of what the brand stands for.

    Brand Core

  • Brand Values

    In our brand workshop, you gain clarity in one day about what your brand truly stands for.

    Brand Values

  • Value Proposition

    A clear definition of what the brand offers that is distinct from competitors.

  • Target Audience

    Using Sinus-Milieus and Buyer Personas to illustrate who the brand is addressing.

    Brand Positioning Personae

  • Purpose

    A meaningful statement that articulates why the brand exists in the world.

    Brand Purpose

  • Vision

    Tangible statement of what the brand strives for.

    Vision Statement

  • Mission

    Tangible statement of customer value proposition.

    Mission Statement

  • Tone of Voice

    Definition of a tone that resonates with the target audience.


Brands that trust us

In three steps to an effective brand model:
  • Book a brand workshop

    Clarify brand values, purpose, vision, mission, and customer benefits in the brand workshop.

  • Frame your Brand

    From your input, we formulate your brand strategic mission statement and translate it into your Brand Frame® brand model.

  • Living the brand

    You communicate consistently, internally and externally, using the Helder Brand Frame®, and strategically lead your brand into the future.


What out customers say

Show Cases

Brand strategy model

Aus 20 Jahren Markenberatung haben wir die bewährtesten Methoden zu einem Markenstrategie-Modell weiterentwickelt. Der Helder Brand Frame® fasst die Identität eurer Marke – klar verständlich, auf einen Blick.

Alle Methoden zur Markenbildung findet ihr in unserem Guide Frame your Brand.

What makes a brand model

Brand models are widely used tools in brand building, brand strategy, and brand management. There are numerous versions of brand models that vary in terms of their focus and complexity.

Most brand models are used for positioning a brand, defining brand identity, and implementing brand strategy communication. Whether it’s the Golden Circle, Brand Diamonds, Brand Steering Wheels, Brand Key Model, or Brand Frame, the purpose of a brand model is to schematize what the brand stands for and how it presents itself.

It simplifies the task for marketing professionals to ensure consistent brand communication both externally and internally.

Like all models, a brand model is characterized by at least three features:

  • Imagery

    As the name suggests, a brand model is a tool that schematically illustrates the internal relationships of brand strategic elements. It visualizes the construct underlying the brand.

  • Simplification

    A brand model must simplify to fulfill its purpose. Therefore, a brand model intentionally captures not all facets of the brand, but only those that are relevant and helpful for brand management.

  • Pragmatism

    Brand models represent the brand. They serve a substitution function:

    • within a specific time frame
    • regarding specific conceptual or practical measures
    • for a particular audience

Helder Brand Frame® Brand Model Examples

Examples of Brand Frames® that we have developed with clients from the D2C and B2B sectors during a brand workshop:

Consistent Brand Management

Makes your life easier.
With the Brand Frame® by Helder

  • check easily if actions, products, services are on brand

  • create a clear framework for consistent branding and messaging across all channels

  • enable your team to live the brand

  • convince your customers with a brand identity that is convincing

Brand Models Compared

There are many different brand models, each focusing on different aspects and finding various applications. A functional brand model should be easy to understand and not require extensive explanations to use effectively.

For an overview of other models including templates, click here.

  • Markenstrategie Vorlage Markenwerte Kartenset

    Golden Circle

    A minimalist classic by Simon Sinek that brings the Why, How, and What of a brand into a causal chain.


    • Forces you to argue from the purpose
    • Covers only part of the brand identity

    Golden Circle Template

  • Unilever Brand Key

    An established positioning model designed to open the gate to understanding the brand, both conceptually, visually, and metaphorically.

    • Widely used and comprehensive model
    • may become somewhat complex for practical application


    Brand Key Template

  • Markenmodell Brand Frame Template

    Helder Brand Frame®

    A new brand model that visualizes at a glance what the brand stands for, serving as a tool for consistent implementation of brand strategy in design and messaging.


    • Forces simplification
    • Reduces potential inconsistencies within the brand guidelines
    • Easy to communicate and implement


    Brand Frame Template

What sets Helder apart:

  • Our core value is clarity: this applies to our process and the tools we provide to brands.
  • We are not afraid of complex topics and products/services that require explanation.
  • A business manager or head of department is involved in each project.


As a brand consultancy, we are committed to increasing knowledge about brand strategy and design—so that creatives and brand builders can collaborate more effectively.


Together with our clients, we strategically define the core and look & feel of your brand. Collaboration won’t make sense if:

  • You don’t have the courage to differentiate your brand.
  • You already know what you want: a logo in your favorite color blue and the Comic Sans font.
  • You don’t value branding.

    Dr. Birgit Joest

    Co-Founder, Strategy Director