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Building a brand that is seen, heard and understood by customers, partners and talent is a real challenge in the oversupply of products and services.

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Companies work on their competitive advantage every day. While the products and services continue to develop, the brand often does not evolve with them.

Branding that cannot keep up with product, service or culture is very unsatisfactory – because it does not communicate the key benefits.

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Brands that work with us

„For two years in a row, Helder’s naming and design perfectly translated the themes of sustainability and responsibility into the ASC & MSC Brand Awareness campaign. In this way, we have significantly increased consumer confidence in our seals and brand awareness.“

Manuel Maillard
Marketing Manager, MSC

„Helder has the ability to capture the essence of the company’s idea and translate it into one word. We have benefited from this for our own brand as well as our clients.“

Clemens Reisbeck
head of communications, werter

„Together with Helder, we developed a narrative that makes complex services and products understandable, accessible and desirable.“

Nathalie Thomsen
Marketing Manager, DCSO

„With Helder, we have not only developed a brand, but also a lifestyle. Together we created a value strategy and based on it a brand design that I can identify with 100%.“

Nina Hansen
Founder, Lourie

„The brand workshop still forms the basis of our communications strategy today. It has made brand management of Weingut Prinz Salm much easier for us, because we now have a clear basis for decision-making.“

Felix Prinz zu Salm-Salm
Owner, Winery Prinz Salm

„In the brand workshop, we experienced the potential of our brand from a new perspective. The process has positively changed external and internal brand perception.“

Wulf Rowek
CEO, entity

Co-create a brand – with the brand clarity process.

Create a brand in three steps that is clearly differentiated and reaches target groups.

  • Brand Workshop

    Clarify your brand’s values, purpose, vision, mission and customer value in the Brand Strategy Workshop.

  • Brand Design

    We translate your strategic focus into adequate brand design and clear messaging.

  • Brand Launch

    You launch a brand that makes a difference: for customers, partners, talents.

Generic design and unclear messaging diminish the value of a brand. Give your brand the brand design that matches its performance.

  • Ensure that your brand design reflects the vision and values of your brand.

  • Create a brand that is clearly differentiated from the competition

  • Awaken and harness attraction for customers, talents and partners

  • You define guidelines for strategic brand management and daily business

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