Naming and Brand Design for echovai

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The established Swiss glass packaging manufacturer was looking for a name and brand design for a product innovation: a new process that makes returnable bottles 30% lighter and at the same time more frequently refillable than those made of conventional glass. Vetropack was looking for a catchy name for the new product brand, as well as a distinct branding that communicates returnable, not recyclable, which is common in Switzerland.


The name echovai is a compound of echo, which stands for multiple return, and the Rhaeto-Romanic word for glass (vai).


The logo mark translates the name into three echo waves that form a bottle. The maximally reduced form can be pressed tiny into the glass.

Colour Scheme

The fresh, unseen color spectrum harmonizes with that of the parent brand, but still has its own independent character.

Key Visual

The recurring waves form the key visual in the brand design.

Brand Launch

In September 2022, echovai was launched at the world’s largest trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry Drinc-Tec

Product video by BLANX effects interactive GmbH