How does a certificate for sustainability become desirable?

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SANE is a new certificate that clearly and attractively identifies sustainably produced fashion for consumers. The decisive difference to other seals is the holistic and market-appropriate approach: SANE does not set singular, but ecological, economic and social standards. The aesthetics of the brand design explicitly move in the fashion world. In this way, SANE clearly differentiates itself – and appeals to fashion designers and consumers alike, for whom style is just as important as ethics.


Conventional fashion production is environmentally harmful, antisocial, simply: sick. SANE stands for the opposite – for a production that should be normality according to common sense.


The logo makes the brand’s attitude unmistakable – in communication and co-branding.

Co-branding as a statement: SANE is not just a test mark. SANE stands for an attitude. This can be shown discreetly to superbold in co-branding.

Colour Scheme

Green generally signals sustainability. The unseen color combination, in turn, gives the brand contemporary independence.

In line with SANE’s social, economic and ecological aspirations, the visual language picks up on the triad of human, material, origin.


Consistent and recognizable across all touchpoints – digital and physical.

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