Discover the potential of your brand – with a brand audit.

What is the purpose of a brand audit?

In the event of strategically relevant changes to the service portfolio, personnel policy or social factors, it makes sense to critically examine one’s own brand and its positioning. Successful brand management involves reviewing the brand in terms of its orientation. In an ever more rapidly changing market environment, the evolution of the brand is an important driver for securing the company in the long term.

The problem here is that while companies develop and grow, this often does not apply equally to branding. A high-quality product or exceptional service with outdated branding is a very unsatisfactory situation. Inappropriate branding makes communication difficult, diminishes subjectively perceived value, and ultimately hinders sales.

Brand Design Audit benuta

In this situation, a professionally conducted external brand audit is a valuable tool for determining where the company stands. It is the first step in translating the corporate strategy into brand design and messaging.

Definition – What is a Brand Audit?

A brand audit helps to gain clarity about one’s own positioning. The process involves a detailed analysis of your current strategic and visual-communicative branding to identify strengths and weaknesses of your brand personality. With our Brand Audit, you will receive a trained fresh look at your brand, unbiased feedback and, if necessary, clear recommendations for action to take your brand to the next level.

The Brand Audit Process – Discover the potential of your brand

1. Call a spade a spade

Whether in startup or during a growth phase, there comes a time in brand management when you wonder if the brand is still on track. What’s the source of the disruptive feeling? Declining sales, unclear messaging, lack of staff? If people don’t understand what you stand for and you don’t know how to communicate your performance, that’s a clear signal to conduct a brand audit.

2. Align goals and strategy

What goals does the company have that are not adequately supported by the current brand positioning, branding and messaging? Do you want to increase employee loyalty or attract new employees? Based on the problem definition, we review the existing brand presence in terms of visual communication, tonality and messaging.

3. Explore the market environment

A brand does not float in a vacuum. Its attitude and position always depend on the market environment. In the brand audit process, we work with you to examine the positioning of the brand in relation to the competition.

4. identify strengths and weaknesses

Critical reflection, evaluation and a change of perspective enable new insights. For example, the brand audit provides clarity as to whether the brand presence is aligned with the objective and the social and societal environment.

5. Create action plan

In order for the findings to become usable, concrete strategic measures are derived as part of the brand audit, which serve to exploit as yet unused potential and synchronize the appearance with the brand strategy. In doing so, it is important to formulate the next steps of the brand evolution as concretely as possible.

Brand Audit Framework – Aspects of our Brand Audit

To create a brand that makes a difference, we audit your branding for market differentiation, positioning, memorability and consistency. We offer three audits of varying scope for this purpose.

  • 1. Brand Design Audit

    Synchronize your design with your performance.
    Analysis, feedback and recommendations for action for brand design.

    • Logo
    • Colors
    • Typography
    • Icons
    • Visual language
    • Design system

    From 1.200,00 €

  • 2. Brand Strategy Audit

    Clearly communicate what you stand for.
    Analysis, feedback and recommendations for brand strategy:

    • Brand values and brand essence
    • Purpose
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Brand architecture
    • Brand name
    • Claim
    • Brand story

    From 2.000,00 €

  • 3. Full Brand Audit

    Synchronizes your corporate strategy with the overall brand identity.

    The Brand Audit includes analysis, feedback and recommendations for action from Package 1, Brand Design Audit and 2 Brand Strategy Audit, plus additional analysis, feedback and recommendations for action on Brand Touchpoints:

    • Website
    • Social media channels
    • Company presentation
    • Campaigns

    From € 3,200.00

Brand Audit – Three steps to more insight

  • Book an audit

    We evaluate your brand presence

  • Receive evaluation

    Personal feedback meeting with our brand experts

  • Optimize brand presence

    Brand audit with analysis, feedback and concrete recommendations for action as pdf file

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Brand Audit FAQ

Overview of frequently asked questions

  • What is a Brand Audit?

    A brand audit involves a detailed analysis of current branding and messaging to identify inconsistencies between corporate strategy, portfolio and brand presence.

  • What aspects are included in a brand audit?

    We offer a Brand Design Audit, which reviews the visual appearance, a Brand Strategy Audit, which focuses on the inner branding, as well as a comprehensive Brand Audit including an analysis of the touchpoints. Strategy, design and implementation should always correspond with each other.

  • When does it make sense to do a brand audit?

    A brand audit is useful in the process of redeveloping a brand to check whether the brand design is in line with the current brand development. Already established brands can use a brand audit to reflect whether the brand appearance continues to reflect and support the brand strategy.

  • What is the result of a brand audit?

    The result of a brand audit includes evaluation of the current positioning in the competition, identification of strengths and weaknesses of the branding and concrete recommendations for action to optimize the appearance.

  • How much does a brand audit cost?

    The cost of a brand audit varies depending on the scope of the analysis. A brand design audit can be booked from € 1,200.

  • How long does a brand audit take?

    The process of a brand audit depends on the scope and complexity of the brand and its market environment. The result of a brand design audit (package 1) is usually available after one week.

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