Well structured, aesthetic, dynamic – what a representative website should look like.

Web design for brand and target demo

Web design is one of the central applications of brand design. For most companies, the website is the most important media touchpoint for the brand. It is therefore essential that the appearance speaks the same visual language as all other means of communication at all touchpoints. In our process, web design, development and programming work together to ensure usability that is appropriate for the target group and to optimally represent the brand.

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From brand design to corporate website

In a first concept, we organize all website content and visualize the page structure and content using wireframes. We coordinate structure, headlines and copy texts with the results of the a SEO analysis.

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The treatment of the content has a direct influence on the user guidance of the online presence. We prepare content visually and textually so that it becomes accessible and therefore relevant for the target group. This often means reducing complexity without trivializing or shortening it too much, and hierarchizing: from the key messages and benefits that are central to potential customers, down to the details.

After the final definition of the structure, the detailed web design follows, in which all pages and their content are pixel perfect. The final web design is responsive by default, optionally with a CMS such as WordPress implemented. So that our customers can enter content independently, we train the relevant employees on the customer side after the launch of the completed website.

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