Pictures say more than words: how icons make brand properties accessible.

What icons can do

The term icon comes from Greek (eikon) and means “image”. Icons are therefore symbols that visualize processes, product properties or objects, e.g. in apps, on websites, but also in print products. Since the human brain can process images better than texts, icons are wonderful brand ambassadors: well designed, they make brand performance quickly understandable and accessible.

From Brand Profile to Brand Manual.

Branding Process

Systematic visualization

Depending on the brand personality, the stylistic spectrum ranges from modern minimalism to friendly, playful, humorous iconographies. However, this is not to be confused with richness of detail because these impair visibility and clarity, and that is the main task of the icon. So that they remain recognizable in different applications and sizes, they should be reduced to their simplest form and express essential features. The development of a design system guarantees design consistency that runs through the entire icon set. For example, icons can be derived from the proportions of the typography used in the brand design in order to create a consistent design language, rhythm and character.

Systematic derivation of the icon set from the proportions and angles of the word mark

Icons give character

Ultimately, creating iconographies is about creating consistency: each icon should match both the other icons in the set and also have references to the brand itself. The icons may appear regardless of the brand presence or application for which they were originally designed, and then you may have to represent the brand alone. We develop icon systems that meet these requirements.

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