What does a platform for female empowerment look like?

Community Brands

She Succeeds

Women at the head of companies are still in the minority in Germany. The project she succeeds – More female succession! aims to inspire more women to become self-employed. The joint initiative of the Association of German Women Entrepreneurs (VdU) and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) supports women in taking over companies, raises awareness of the career option of succession and makes female successors and their pioneers visible as role models. We developed a brand design for she succeeds that expresses female empowerment and functions in the visual context of the sender brand VdU.


The design language of the powerful logo refers to the VdU logo. At the same time, the stage implies the promise of personal growth.

Colour Scheme

The VdU main color was taken up as a starting point, expanded and contrasted.

She Succeeds Key Visual


Feminine, innovative, successful: The design language stages the values of the project brand confidently and unmistakably.

She Succeeds Booklet


The arrow as a key visual brings successors and pioneers and messages into focus.

She Succeeds Print Anwendungen und Social Media

Communication Media

The brand design was rolled out to a wide variety of media and formats.


Key Visual also serves as an indicator of social media post content.

She Succeeds Booklet und Banner
She Succeeds Präsentation