From brand to creator of meaning – with authentic brand values that create identification potential.

Brands provide orientation

We live in a world with an unmanageable range of goods and services that mostly differ only marginally in terms of quality. Needs have long since developed into wants. In this world it is no longer sensible, if not impossible, to want to differentiate solely by the rational use of a product: the risk when purchasing certain product categories has long shifted from a material to an ideal and social risk.

With the decision to buy, I make a statement that goes beyond the product: it says something different about me whether I wear a Camp David polo shirt or a Lacoste polo shirt. It is therefore vital for brands to create an offer of identification: with a clear attitude and a set of values that they position not only in the market but also in society.

A brand is not what you say it is. It’s what they say it is. 

Marty Neumeier

Recognize yourself and stay true to yourself

Millennials, which are hotly contested by marketers, explicitly prefer brands whose values correspond to their own. It is important to remain individual and authentic.

People don’t cling to overly generic, interchangeable values any more than to exaggerated, unbelievable lip service that is not lived. Fake things are quickly exposed because consumers are better informed and networked than ever before.

We identify true values

Values make brands relevant. That’s why we challenge and and identify brand values in our brand workshop.

What values do you stand for?
Let’s find out.

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