We give shape to corporate personalities – with corporate design that makes values and services visible.

Corporate Design – expression of corporate identity

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is an old parental wisdom. It basically formulates the definition of corporate design in one sentence. The appearance as a visible part of the corporate identity is the visual expression of how the company wants to be perceived: what the company stands for, its attitude, achievements, competencies that it embodies.
The corporate design with all its components reflects the desired image of the company, which should reach the respective target groups – customers, partners and employees. It creates identification potential and a projection surface with regard to the competence, attitude and performance promise of a company – internally and externally. It visibly and noticeably separates companies from other market participants – e.g. competitors in the sales and employer market – and thus contributes to the long-term success of the company.

  • Image Broschüre für Quest Air Services
  • Geschäftsaustattung Ringordner für Steuerkanzlei Ritter
  • Geschäftsausstattung Briefpapier, Visitenkarte und Complement Card für entity
  • Geschäftsausstattung Judebeutel für Employer Branding von Scout24

More than a logo: corporate design elements

Corporate design (as well as brand design) is much more than “just” a logo. In order to create an image among the target groups, it must be embedded in a corresponding design context. In addition to the logo, the following elements in particular are shaping the corporate design system:

  • typography
  • defined color climate
  • graphic design elements
  • consistent visual style
  • materials
  • design grid

Therefore, a strong corporate design is characterised by the fact that one recognises the sender without a logo.

Corporate Design Manual

What looks good in theory has to prove itself in practical application on all channels and in all media. A consistent and at the same time dynamic appearance helps to systematically anchor communication with the observer. The rules for the application are documented in the Corporate Design Manual or Style Guide for the respective scenarios. This has the following advantages:

  • The style guide makes it comprehensible whether the corporate design can be used and reproduced cross-media
  • Clear guidelines avoid irritation and visual proliferation that runs counter to the company’s image
  • Internal and external communication processes become transparent and efficient
  • The corporate design can be systematically developed, supplemented and differentiated using this tool
Markenprozess Brand Manual Beispiele


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