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In day-to-day business, brand strategy often does not grow like the company and its offering.
But to drive a brand forward, it must be clear where and what it stands for.

Define what your brand really stands for

Clear differentiation and positioning is essential for any brand – regardless of B2B, B2C or D2C – to be successful in the marketplace. This applies to both the competition and the job market. For consistent communication of your performance and added value, it must be clear what your brand really stands for, for which target groups it is relevant and with which messages you can reach the target group.

In the brand workshop, we work with you to develop a strategic brand mission statement that enables you to position the brand effectively, differentiate it and communicate it consistently – both internally and externally.


Not having an answer to where the brand is going is frustrating.
So are internal brand strategy processes: often time, distance or expertise are missing.

As a brand agency we support you in developing a valid brand identity – in our brand workshops.

Why brands need a clear identity

The days when product or service quality alone prevailed are a thing of the past. Every year, tens of thousands of trademarks are filed in Germany alone. In 2022, the DPMA counted 72,427 new applications. In view of the unmanageable offer, it is indispensable to position oneself clearly and to communicate what the brand really stands for. For branding that appeals to the right people, it is essential to develop a pointed POSITIONING and differentiated value proposition, a redeemable promise and an unmistakable storytelling.


  • USP

    Formulation of performance and added value of the brand.

  • Definition of target group

    Using sinus milieus and buyer personae to show to whom the brand speaks.

  • Tonality

    Definition of a tonality with which the target group identifies.

  • Brand Purpose

    A clear statement of why the brand is in the world.

  • Brand Vision

    Memorable statement of what the brand is striving for.

  • Brand Mission

    Memorable statement of the customer’s added value.

  • Brand Core

    The superpower of the brand.

  • Brand values

    Clear definition of what the brand stands for.

The workshop result: a clear brand identity.

We document the contents from the workshop in words and pictures and formulate them. The result is a brand frame for the positioning, brand design and storytelling of the brand.


Feedback from our clients

Community, tech and lifestyle brands develop their brand mission statements in our brand workshops.

Position your brand in three steps

  • Book a brand workshop

    According to your needs we create
    the agenda, choose methods and organize the set-up.

  • Sharpen your brand identity

    Guided by two facilitators, you will co-creatively develop your brand mission statement in the workshop using the Helder Brand Frame® brand model.

  • Positioning the brand

    With the Brand Frame® you position and communicate your brand clearly: on all channels, internally and externally.

The methods we use in brand workshops

In our brand workshops, we work with our clients to develop structured content within a specific time frame. Depending on the scope or question, we draw from a toolbox of tried and tested methods. Both have the advantage of not getting bogged down. We offer our set-up both on-site in Berlin or at your location as well as remotely as a digital format.

  • Presentation of Analysis

    Research results on brand, market participants, target groups and initial impulses.

  • Brand Values

    The BRAND VALUES for which the brand stands are identified and a core value is defined.

  • Positioning cross

    The brand is positioned in the competition by the plenum on the basis of a positioning cross.

  • Brand Purpose Board

    Identification of the BRAND PURPOSE and alignment of goals, target group needs and brand solutions on a matrix.

  • Buyer personae

    Based on stakeholder interviews, we build Buyer Personae to understand their needs.

  • Brand Personality Sliders

    You position your brand between opposite poles, e.g. Young and Innovative vs. Established and Classic.

  • Gallery Walk

    You use visuals to illustrate how the core value feels and looks.

  • Magazine Cover

    Using a fictitious article, you illustrate how your brand will be talked about in the future.

Markenworkshop Personae
Markenworkshop Teilnehmerin

Save yourself lengthy processes without concrete results.

Develop a clear, consistent picture of your brand – in the brand workshop.

Advantages of the brand workshop

  • Efficiency: Concrete results in a short time: through compressed, intensive content work without the distraction of day-to-day business.
  • Change of perspective: View the brand from the customer’s point of view: As an external sparring partner, we hamronize self-perception and external image as brand consultants.
  • Enthusiasm: Discovering the brand’s unrecognized potential: There is often more to the brand than meets the eye in daily business. In the brand workshop, you rediscover the power of the brand together.
  • Participation: Strengthen identification with the brand, create multipliers: by involving employees in the process. Multiplicators.
  • Orientation: The brand identity is a blueprint for brand communication: Orientation in day-to-day business and guard rail for brand strategy decisions.
  • Pitch alternative: Creating a common understanding of tasks and goals: A brand workshop is a good test for a collaboration – in terms of content, expertise, culture, personality – and creates an optimal basis for the right brand design.
Dr. Birgit Joest moderiert Personality Sliders Methode im Markenworkshop

Workshop formats we offer

We know: Many executives are “workshopped-out.” Helder brand workshops are therefore deliberately focused.

We don’t discuss the one perfect phrase, but define the brand strategy fundamentals together in a guided process.

Depending on requirements and objectives, we offer different formats that can be customized in scope, duration and focus, e.g.:

  • C-Level Brand Workshop

    Duration: 4-6 h
    Participants: founders, managing directors
    Suitable for: Development of vision & purpose statement

  • Brand Focus Workshop

    Duration: 7 h
    Participants: C-Level, executives, multipliers
    Suitable for: Partial development of a brand mission statement based on the Helder Brand Frame® brand model, e.g. values, core value, USP, mission statement

  • Frame your Brand® Workshop

    Duration: 2 x 7 h
    Participants: C-level, executives, multipliers
    Suitable for: Development of a complete mission statement based on the Helder Brand Frame® brand model incl. USP, target group, purpose, vision & mission statement, values & core value.

Meet the facilitator

  • Dr. Birgit Joest

    Founder & Strategy Director

    • PHD Medienwissenschaft
    • 20 Jahre Markenerfahrung
    • Certified Story Brand Guide
  • Marina Mengis

    Brand Strategy

    • International Business Management B.A.
    • 9 Jahre Projekterfahrung
    • Zertifizierte Sinus Mileu-Expertin

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What questions can the brand workshop answer?

In the workshop, we develop answers to fundamental questions that every company must ask itself in order to survive in the future, e.g.:

Who should participate in the brand workshop?

A brand workshop opens up the space to take a step back and look at the brand from a certain distance – that is, from the perspective of the people who are to be addressed. If you choose to attend the Brand Focus Workshop or the Frame your Brand® Workshop, we recommend the following executive-level team set-up:

  • Decision-makers (including future ones): Founder:s, CEOs, VPs. They usually have strong opinions and make the final decisions. Without their participation, there is a risk that results of the workshop will not be implemented. Their participation is therefore absolutely necessary.
  • Marketing: Mainly responsible for external communication so far and will be in the future. Your marketing experts must therefore be involved in the process.
  • Product Development: Groups of heterogeneous experts often discover surprising new perspectives because people work together in the workshop who do not necessarily do so in their everyday work. Product experts are in the best position to judge whether what is promised can actually be implemented.
  • Sales: They form an excellent interface between internal and external perspectives. Interaction with customers provides important insights that are very valuable for brand development and communication.
  • HR: To ensure that the brand is implemented in the company and does not just exist on paper, it is important to involve HR managers in the development of the brand.
  • Controversial opinions: Many teams have individuals who stand out with their opinions. Even if this does not make a discussion any easier, it is important to allow different perspectives on the brand – they help to take off the blinders of everyday life. In addition, potential doubters are brought on board directly, which is an advantage during implementation.

When is a brand workshop useful?

The brand workshop is an effective method for developing brand positioning, brand strategy and brand design.

The format is an established part of the brand process for good reason. Regardless of your company’s size, age, industry or organization, there are typical scenarios where a brand workshop is helpful:

  • Foundation: For developing a brand identity that is appropriate for your target audience in the course of starting a business or launching a new brand
  • New setup: For reviewing the status quo and future positioning due to structural changes in the company, e.g., when expanding the portfolio or brand architecture
  • Rebranding: For the preparation of a creative brief in the case of a planned update of the corporate design
    Website relaunch: To challenge whether the appearance still adequately reflects the brand before(!) relaunching the website.

Helder brand workshop – key data at a glance

  • Duration: from 4 hours to 2 x 7 hours (depending on requirements, excluding preparation and follow-up)
  • Moderation: Two Helder brand strategists moderate and lead through the workshop.
  • Space: The workshop takes place in a fully equipped studio in Berlin, on-site at the client’s location or remotely.
  • Materials: We provide all materials needed for the workshop.
  • Costs: The costs depend on the effort, which can vary according to the project scope. We will gladly make you a non-binding offer.

Brand Workshop FAQ

Overview of frequently asked questions

  • What is a brand workshop?

    A brand workshop helps develop a new brand or evolve an existing brand. It is serves as a space of self-reflection where values, core, purpose, USP and tonality of the brand are identified. The goal is a clear brand profile that differentiates the brand from the competition.

  • Why is a branding workshop important?

    A brand workshop is important to position the brand correctly and to differentiate it desirably. The brand workshop helps to define what the brand stands for, to develop the brand identity and the brand personality, so that stakeholders can identify with the brand.

  • What is developed in a branding workshop?

    The goal is to develop a clear brand profile that forms the basis of the brand strategy. For this purpose, we consider brand values, purpose, target groups and goals of the brand and discuss which messages cover the needs of potential customers.

  • When is a branding workshop useful?

    When developing a brand design in the course of founding a company or (further) developing a brand, for reviewing or developing a brand architecture, in the case of structural changes within the company or a relaunch of the website.

  • Who participates in a brand workshop?

    A diverse team constellation offers different perspectives on the brand and thus an optimal basis for self-reflection. A professionally, hierarchically and personally heterogeneous group is recommended as participants.

  • What methods do you use in a branding workshop?

    A branding workshop consists of analytical and creative methods. These are worked on individually and in teams. Each exercise helps to discover potential and gain clarity for the brand.

  • How long does a brand workshop last?

    A brand workshop usually lasts 6 hours. Including breaks, you should take a day to look at and develop the brand together.

  • How much does a branding workshop cost?

    The costs for a branding workshop are based on the effort of preparation and follow-up, which can vary depending on the project scope. The costs cover the research, the strategic preparation, the consulting and the development of the brand profile.

  • What is meant by a co-creative workshop?

    In a co-creative brand workshop, partners and clients develop the brand with the help of individual and collaborative thinking and action. A dialogue at eye level is the basis for the collaboration.

    Marina Mengis

    Brand Strategy