House of Brands, Branded House, Family Brands, Blended House – Brand architecture.

Brand architecture is part of the brand strategy

Like the positioning of a brand, the brand architecture also depends on the strategy of the parent company. The decision for a brand architecture always depends on the context of existing brands in the company. A basic distinction is made between the following architectures:

House of Brands Markenarchitektur

Single brands or house of brands strategy

Individual brands have a self-sufficient, strong identity that is supported by the corporate brand to different degrees, e.g. Unilever

Branded House Markenarchitektur

Umbrella brand or branded house strategy

With this approach, a strong brand gathers several, sometimes quite different products under its roof that benefit from the existing brand image, e.g. Sparkasse

Familienmarke Markenarchitektur

Family brand strategy

Several products of one company under one brand form a family brand. These are often related and can be assigned to a product group or line, e.g. Nivea

Blended House Markenarchitektur

Blended house strategy

In mixed strategies, corporate brands appear together with other brands, whereby either the corporate brand can dominate, or it appears on an equal footing with the other brand, e.g. Google

We put the house in order

With multi-brand strategies, care must be taken to ensure that the brand architecture, figuratively speaking, is not obstructed by not clearly distinguishing brands and their performance and added value. If brands are bought, that do not fit into the portfolio and look like very different in the brand structure. The consequences: messy communication, complex website structures, cognitive dissonance and ultimately brand confusion among the target group. In this case, as part of our branding process, we first clean up or construct the brand building – in order to then translate the properties of the brands into the brand design.

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