Why brand purpose is indispensable for communication and customer loyalty.

Brand Purpose Kompass

Brand purpose as an identification offer

Brands have to be authentic, relevant and distinguishable. In times of enormous competitive pressure and the extreme acceleration of innovation processes, it is almost impossible to “only” differentiate sufficiently based on one’s own performance.

Brand Purpose Nike

Relevance beyond growth

Just like the brand values, the brand purpose is an essential element of identification for potential customers. Because the purpose describes the real reason for the existence of a brand – beyond profit maximization and growth. Nike, for example, fully stands for the conviction that there is an athlete in every person – and that the brand just exists to develop our full potential. So it’s more than sneakers – it’s about empowerment, and that makes the brand relevant and desirable for a lot of people.

Better performance that is better communicated prevails.

Jürgen Gietl

Brand purpose is not just a B2C topic

The emotional use and the stories it can tell is often neglected, especially within the manufacturing industry. Although it has the power to significantly influence customer loyalty (much more than balance sheets and data sheets – buyers are only people), and on the other hand, not only more and more millennials pay more attention to the integrity of brands. Credibility is therefore essential, because fake brands are quickly exposed. One should not succumb to the temptation of one’s own staging, unless this is done deliberately.

We find purposes

The brand purpose makes brands accessible to people. Therefore, the identification of the actual meaning and purpose of the brand is an integral part of our brand process.

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