Give your brand the name it deserves. With Helders expertise as a naming agency.

Brand Name

The brand name is an important point of contact. It should trigger a feeling for the brand, convey an idea of the performance – and stick.

What is Naming?

Naming is the development of a brand name that designates an organization, product, product portfolio or service. The brand name does not have to correspond to the name of a company, as a single company can have several brands.In order to be able to use a brand name exclusively and without restriction, the brand must be legally registered in the trademark register. In Germany, the German Patent and Trademark Office handles the protection of a brand name.


Finding a name that is not too generic, not too cipher, not too trendy, and not yet taken can bog down the entire branding process.

Criteria that a good brand name should meet.

  • Differentiating

    We develop brand names that attract the attention of the target group and create curiosity for more.

  • Timeless

    We develop brand names that are memorable, survive trends and do not soon seem outdated.

  • Linguistically sustainable

    When developing brand names, we keep their meaning in other languages in mind.

  • Strategically sound

    We develop brand names that convey a feeling and an inkling of the brand promise.

  • Legally available

    We develop a brand name that meets the requirements for trademark registration.

  • Easy to pronounce

    We develop brand names that are easy to pronounce so that they are passed on in conversation.

  • Concise

    We develop brand names that are as short as possible. They stick better, are easier to Google and visualize.

  • Adaptable

    Our brand names grow with your brand – into new markets or as products or services are added.

Why is a good brand name important?

Even before the target group knows anything about a brand, they form an image based on the name alone. Therefore, it is important to give the brand a timeless and concise name. Above all, it should arouse curiosity to learn more about the brand. Personal recommendation, i.e. word of mouth, is also a marketing channel that should not be underestimated. A good, concise brand name is therefore worth its weight in gold in affluent societies.



Brands that work with us

Find a name that fits your brand in 3 steps

  • Naming process

    Mit einem Kick-Off klären wir die strategische Grundlage für die Namensgenerierung eurer Marke.

  • Select brand names

    We derive 5 name suggestions from your strategy, you choose your favorites.

  • Legal check

    Our partner law firm checks the legal aspects of your favorites so that you are on the safe side.


As a branding agency, we create the name your brand deserves: with 20 years of experience, professional methods and proven processes.

When do you need professional naming?

As an elementary part of branding, it is important to communicate a name that is convincing and secured – from the very beginning. Provisional brand names can cost companies dearly. If the brand name is changed at an inopportune moment because it does not support the brand strategy or is already being used elsewhere, this is associated with high communication costs.

The first step in the naming process: briefing

In order for a brand name to correspond to the brand, pay off on the brand strategy and appeal to the target group, it is important to define the brand strategy fundamentals in advance.

Brand identity

In Germany alone, 868,401 trademarks are registered, and the number is rising. Together we create a name that belongs to your brand.

Brand names of Helder: Examples

From lifestyle brands to software providers to sustainability campaigns – we develop strategically sound naming for brands, sub-brands and product brands.

  • SANE Markenname Beispiel

    Sustainable fashion certificate

  • entitty Markenname Beispiel

    Robust swiss reusable glass

  • SIDES Markenname Beispiel

    Modular gastronomy SaaS

  • PREVIER Markenname Beispiel

    Hamburg beacon project for prevention

  • FISCHGEWISS Markenname Beispiel

    Campaign for conscious fish consumption

  • entitty Markenname Beispiel

    Digital platforms from Scratch

  • Werter Markenname

    Evidence-based management consulting

  • Snygg Markenname

    Customizable home textiles

Naming Agentur

Choose a compelling name for your brand – right from the start.

With Naming by Helder…

  • …your name contributes to your brand strategy.

  • your brand name is easy to remember, search and design.

  • you meet the requirements for a trademark application.

  • you differentiate your brand from the competition.

What distinguishes Helder:

  • One:one management or head of department works on each project
  • All team members are specialized in branding
  • We see ourselves as partners for our customers and work together and iteratively on the project.


Together with our clients we strategically define the core and the look & feel of your brand. A collaboration will not make sense if:

  • You don’t have the courage to make a difference with your brand.
  • You already know what you want: a logo in your favorite color blue and Comic Sans font.

    Dr. Birgit Joest – Strategy Director

    Dr. Birgit Joest

    Strategy Director

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