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Sides offers a modular SaaS system that turns restaurateurs into perfect hosts. With Helder, the brand sharpened its identity and positioning during a growth phase. We then developed a new naming and brand design that explicitly addresses all relevant target groups: delivery services, system catering, restaurants, bars and cafés.


SimplyDelivery becomes SIDES: The system is not the main course – it completes the business model of restaurateurs.


SIDES offers a comprehensive ecosystem for all automatable gastronomic operations.

The modular brand design visualizes that with SIDES every restaurant can use resources easily and individually in a more meaningful way.

SIDES Brand Elements


Like the product, the key visual is easy to apply flexibly. As the main characters of the storytelling, gastronomes are visually brought into focus.

SIDES Plakat
SIDES Plakate
SIDES Plakat
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Brand Guideline

The brand essence “Making it simple” runs consistently through the brand design and brand guideline.

SIDES Brand Manual
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