Create a brand that makes a difference

With the guided branding process from Helder


Agency work often seems opaque. But anyone investing in a brand wants to know what the branding process looks like.

At Helder, we have developed a modular branding process with which you can iteratively develop the brand that makes a difference.

Modules at a glance

  • 1. Brand analysis

    A clear overview of strengths and potential for improvement, including recommendations for action.

  • 2. Brand Workshop

    In a one-day workshop, we clarify what your brand really stands for and how it differentiates itself.

  • 3. Strategy Model Brand Frame®

    We use the results to derive a brand strategy model that you can use to lead your brand into the future.

  • 4. Brand Story

    We develop a concise and convincing brand story with clear messages that position you as a guide.

  • 5. Brand Name

    We make suggestions for a concise and differentiated brand name that contributes to your brand identity.

  • 6. Brand Design

    Based on the Brand Frame®, we create a strategic design system that shows at a glance what your brand stands for.

  • 7. Brand Guidelines

    Strategy and design system are documented for consistent communication across all channels.

  • 8. Implementation

    Translation and implementation of strategy and design into operational processes for a living brand culture.

Modules in detail

Gradually to a clear brand: The modules build on each other, but can also be booked individually. You can find out what they involve here.

1. Brand analysis

In order to utilize the full potential of your brand for you, it helps to adopt new perspectives. With a valuable outside perspective and specific expertise, we deliver a brand analysis that identifies your strengths and weaknesses in branding and messaging and integrates concrete recommendations for action.


  • Evaluation of the customer material
  • Market and competition research
  • Depending on scope: feedback on brand mission statement, brand name, brand design, storytelling
  • Concrete evaluation based on the Helder Brand Score
  • Preparation as an audit manual as a briefing document including recommendations for action
  • Personal feedback discussion

2. Workshop

A clear differentiation from the competition is essential for every brand to operate successfully on the market. In this one-day workshop, we will co-creatively clarify what your brand really stands for, for which target groups it is relevant and how to reach the target groups. Using proven methods, we develop the foundations for effectively differentiating and managing the brand – both internally and externally.


  • Analysis of customer material and brand presence
  • Market and competition research
  • Conducting interviews for buyer personae
  • Preparation of all workshop materials
  • Methods adapted to your needs
  • Structuring and planning the workshop
  • Briefing all workshop participants
  • Moderation of a one-day workshop
  • A fully equipped workshop room in Berlin

3. Brand Frame

We translate the input from the workshop into our brand model: the Helder Brand Frame® summarizes the identity of your brand clearly at a glance. It literally provides the framework within which the brand communicates. You can use the Brand Frame® to check whether a text, a design, a process, a product, a project or even an applicant fits your brand and is therefore your tool for day-to-day and strategic brand management.


  • Target group identification based on the analysis / buyer personae
  • USP Positioning of the brand based on the value proposition
  • Purpose Memorable statement on why the brand is in the world
  • Ambition Memorable statement on the brand’s medium-term goals
  • Mission Memorable statement of customer added value
  • Brand values Identification of the three attributes that reflect the culture of the brand
  • Brand essence Definition of a central characteristic with which the brand is associated
  • Tonality Definition of a suitable tonality with which the target group identifies
  • Preparation and derivation in pdf format

4. Brand Story

Without a clear, unambiguous message, customers do not understand the added value of a brand offering. Using the StoryBrand™ method, we develop and formulate an individual narrative for your brand that is customer-centered, has a suspenseful arc and conveys a clear brand message. The brand story can be used in brand management at all relevant touchpoints – for consistent messaging that strengthens the relationship between your customers and your brand.


  • Development and formulation of brand story included:
    • Hero:in: Positioning the most important target group as the hero:in the story
    • Problem: Formulation of the main problem of the hero
    • Guide: Positioning the brand as a guide for the hero to solve the problem
    • Plan: Definition of a concrete plan that leads the hero to success
    • Failure: Formulation of what is at stake
    • Success: Formulation of the positive consequences of the collaboration for the hero
  • Development Elevator pitch: Formulation of a statement about what problem the brand solves for whom
  • Exemplary application using a landing page

5. Naming

The brand name is often the first point of contact with your brand. It should therefore suit you in order to trigger the right feeling for the brand. However, finding a name that is not too generic, not too coded, not too trendy and not yet used is not easy. Based on your Brand Frame® or a strategic briefing, we’ll generate a brand name that pays into the brand identity – and sticks.


  • 5 name suggestions
  • Desktop research for possible name duplications
  • Desktop research for available URLs
  • Preparation and derivation in pdf format
  • Checking of 2 names for registrability by lawyer

6. Brand Design

We develop strategic brand design that reflects the identity and quality of your culture, products or services so that your brand design is in no way inferior to your business performance. We develop two approaches, one of which is finalized using an iterative process. The end result is a logical design system that speaks for you – at every touchpoint, 24/7.


  • Visual competitive analysis: Analysis of the brand design of at least 3 competitors
  • Logo
  • Color concept primary and secondary colors
  • Font concept Selection from existing fonts
  • Concept iconography Design of 3 individual icons or a purchasable icon set integrated into the design system
  • Key visual for the brand Characteristic, recurring and adaptable graphic element
  • Visual language Definition of a visual style based on 6-8 images
  • Exemplary visualization Application of the brand design using 3-5 examples, e.g. ad, landing page, social media ad

7. Brand Guidelines

In addition to differentiation, a key factor of a successful brand design is recognizability. It is therefore essential to document the brand design elements and design rules in brand guidelines. The brand guidelines guarantee the consistent application of the brand design in business equipment and means of communication – regardless of the executing trade.


  • Summary of brand strategy
  • Definition for handling the word/figurative marks (logo system, spacing)
  • Listing and explanation of the design system (typography, color spectrum, iconography, image style, etc.)
  • Definition of the guidelines for using the design system
  • Exemplary design applications Communication tools
  • Asset library
  • As PDF, Figma document or brand asset library platform of your choice
  • Follow-up appointment after 8 weeks

8. Implementierung

Even the cleverest brand strategy and the most creative brand design only develop their full potential when they are consistently implemented throughout the entire company. We translate strategy and design into operational processes and provide support with external and internal implementation. So that your brand values are lived and can be experienced by employees and customers.

Possible offers:

Implementation of brand design

  • Design of touchpoints, e.g. website, pitch deck, business stationery, social media templates
  • Briefing brand manual
  • Continuous support for brand launchMarkenlaunch

Implementation of brand strategy

  • Briefing brand frame
  • Employee experience workshops
  • Customer Experience Workshops
  • Continuous support for the implementation process


9 questions for more clarity – even before the trial begins

  • How long does a branding project take?

    The time required for a branding project varies depending on the scope. For a holistic brand development, including brand workshop, strategy and brand design, you should reckon with approx. 12 weeks. The development of a brand name takes around 4 weeks. The time required also depends on the structures for feedback and approvals within the company, which influence the iterative process.

  • What team set-up can I expect?

    We are a team of 10 branding specialists. One managing director or head of department works on each project and there is a defined contact person.

  • Which team set-up makes sense for the company?

    Of course, the people who work significantly with and on the brand make sense. These could be marketing managers, communication managers or a head of brand. It is also important to involve the management or people with the same authority in important and far-reaching decisions. The workshop is an opportunity to consider other perspectives on the brand, such as HR management, sales or product management.

  • What modules do you need when developing a new brand as a start-up?

    We understand that budgets can be limited when starting a business. Nevertheless, strategically sound branding is worth the investment: every person, every post and every presentation should speak the same language in order to convince customers and partners in the long term. If you have to revise a provisional image with the help of a rebranding process, you end up paying more. We therefore recommend at least the brand workshop including Brand Frame® and the development of a brand design.

  • What budget should we expect for brand development?

    Here too, the budget naturally depends on the scope and complexity of the brand development. However, a budget of at least €30,000 should be available for brand development or rebranding.

  • Does a pitch make sense for a branding project?

    A pitch is the presentation of an idea for the implementation of a specific project. It is essential to get to know the brand and products in order to ensure that the branding is well-founded. The brand workshop is ideal for this, as it allows the agency and the team to gain new insights into the brand.

  • How do I write to an agency correctly?

    Our branding is always strategically sound. It is therefore essential for us to gain an insight into the status quo. Which strategic brand elements are present, which are missing and which no longer reflect the company’s zeitgeist? We want to understand which goals the brand is pursuing and which communicative and visual challenges require support. Further information and a briefing template can be found here.

  • When is a brand workshop useful?

    The workshop forms the basis for the brand strategy and design. The aim is to define the essence of the brand, including the values, the promise to the target group and the corporate goals. The result provides guidance for the development of the brand’s design and messaging. For this reason, a workshop should be conducted before (re)branding a website or other touchpoint.

  • We are interested in working with Helder. What happens next?

    We clarify the scope and questions about the project in a non-binding discussion. Based on this, we prepare an offer. We arrange a video conference or a face-to-face meeting at decision-making level. You then decide whether you would like to work with us.

Three steps to a brand that makes a difference.

  • Book a brand workshop

    In our brand workshop, you clarify the values, purpose, vision and mission of your brand.

  • Develop branding

    We translate your brand strategy into Brand Frame®, Brand Design and Brand Story.

  • Differentiate with a brand

    You launch a brand that makes a difference – for customers, partners and talents.

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