5 Steps to Brand Essence: With the Brand Wheel Template

Capturing a brand personality: Bates Brand Wheel

The circular model works its way from the outside in to the essence of the brand in 5 steps. Attributes, benefits, values and personality are analyzed and explored in how they can be communicated. At the center is the Brand Essence, which is the core and communicates in a condensed way what the brand stands for.

More Brand Strategy Templates

  • SWOT Analysis

    The SWOT analysis is a proven strategic method that helps companies to identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This analysis enables companies to make informed decisions, adapt their strategy accordingly and derive measures. Definition, 1 template

  • Mission Statement

    The mission statement states the value proposition.

  • Positioning Cross

    Define for whom and for which needs the brand offers solutions

  • Vision Statement

    Define a specific goal that the brand wants to achieve within a defined period of time.

  • Brand Purpose Board

    Align the social added value, the needs of the target group and your own goals.

  • Buyer Personae

    In order to develop a successful brand strategy, it is important for companies to analyze their target groups in detail. The creation of buyer personas helps to create a better understanding of the target group.

  • Golden Circle

    Get clear about the why, how and what of your brand and build the strategic basis with it

  • Identity Prisma

    Define the brand identity on 3 different levels with the identity prism template.

  • Brand Wheel

    The brand steering wheel according to Esch is suitable for a systemic analysis of the brand.

  • Brand Values Card Deck

    Develop brand values with examples and exercises and define what the brand stands for

  • Brand Key

    The Unilever Brand Key is a brand strategy model, focuses on competitors and target groups.

  • Brand Wheel

    The Bates Brand Wheel captures a brand’s essence in 5 steps, analyzing attributes, benefits, values, and personality to communicate the core identity.

  • Personality Sliders

    Define the brand personality: with the Brand Personality Sliders template.

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