Focus on the essence – brand positioning. How the brand finds its place in the market environment.

Brand promise and positioning must match

Proper positioning in a market is essential for the success of a brand. The positioning is visualized on the basis of two- or three-dimensional graphic models, on which the own brand is located in the competition like on a map. This requires not only an intensive analysis of what the competing brands stand for, but also clarity and honesty with regard to their own brand promise. What can and does the brand really want to do? You should avoid empty promises and unrealistic demands – a positioning strategy is useless if the brand cannot meet your own expectations – and therefore those of potential customers – because the corresponding resources or suitable culture are not available.

Markenpositionierung: Client Budget vs Client Brief

Sharpen the brand, avoid interchangeability

The advantage of locating your own brand and the competing brands on the positioning map: You can see at a glance where niches and opportunities may arise. Conversely, “metropolitan areas” of brands are an indication of their interchangeability. In order to be able to use the model at all, one is forced to focus on one or only a few properties – and that’s a good thing. Or do you go to a Chinese restaurant that also offers pizza? If the brand finds itself in one of these areas, it is advisable to illuminate it from a different perspective in order to (re) discover more promising sides.

We create focus

Focusing and positioning yourself sharply is often a challenge for brands and companies. We help you to position yourself in the competition – as part of our branding process.

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