Design with symbolic character: How the logo becomes a strong brand representative.

The logo – the brand at a glance

Logo is the umbrella term for a graphic or typographic sign, i.e. a picture, word mark or symbol word mark, which symbolizes a brand or an institution. As an essential part of the visual appearance, it makes the quality and attitude of a company noticeable.

  • Bildmarke oder Symbol von Apple

    Symbol, Apple

  • Microsoft Wort-Bildmarke

    Symbol/word mark, Microsoft

  • Google Wortmarke

    Word mark, Google

  • HP Monogram

    Monogram, Hewlett Packard

Logo design requirements

A logo should therefore convey an idea of the brand core or core competence. In addition, it should be concise, memorable, reproducible, quickly graspable, long-lasting and work in all media in different sizes, in color and in black and white. These requirements and the areas of application have a significant impact on shape, proportions, level of detail and typography

Versatile and recognizable

Given the increasing importance of dynamic appearances, changeable drawing systems are becoming increasingly important: logos can be changed in color and shape. However, the appearance as a system should remain consistent and recognizable in order to develop its effect.

A logo is not a brand.

The logo as a central element in the design system

In addition to the brand name, the logo is the most important brand element. Ideally, it distinguishes the company from the competition at first glance. However, the logo never stands alone, but is part of a brand design system. Therefore it is always – really always! – ineffective to design a logo or a word mark or word / symbol mark as a single element without considering the appearance of the brand as a whole.

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