Our approach

We create identification potential: We do a deep dive into a brand’s purpose and values to express each in its own distinctive way.

Our claim: analysis in depth, design of intrinsic value, processes with efficiency.

Our definition of good brand design

We do not make beautiful, but good brand design: Design that strengthens the competitive power, because it is specific to the brand. As we define our design claim, we have stated in seven principles:

  • Good brand design is contextually well-founded

    It is always based on the brand’s core, its culture, values and competencies.

  • Good brand design shows attitude

    It uses it to create potential identification points for people: consumers, associates and coworkers.

  • Good brand design differentiates

    Those with the courage to do things differently distinguish themselves from the competition – and show that they have confidence both in themselves and others too.

  • Good brand design is recognizable

    It is so striking that the transmitter is identifiable even without a logo.

  • Good brand design is aesthetic

    It appropriately applies the means of design inherent to the brand, its services and industry within their temporal context.

  • Good corporate design is holistic in thought

    It tangibly reduces cognitive dissonances for coworkers, consumers, associates.

  • Good brand design creates clarity

    It is self-consistent, comprehensible, modular and can be deployed across all media.


  • Dr. Birgit Joest – Strategy Director

    Dr. Birgit Joest


    Active in brand communications since 2005 in the fields of analysis, strategy and conceptual work, a number of those years in management positions as head of concept at well-known Berlin agencies. She oversaw both content and concept for numerous branding projects – some of them award-winning – for such companies as Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Siemens and Deutsche Telekom, among others.

  • Maurits den Held – Creative Director

    Maurits den Held


    Has been creating digital brand presences for clients from the widest range of sectors for more than 12 years. After studying graphic and media design in Rotterdam and Groningen, the born-Dutchman moved to Berlin. He made a name for himself at prominent agencies as a brand designer and oversaw such clients as Zalando SE, W.L. Gore, Huawei and Amnesty International.