Good branding makes it easy to differentiate from the competition, increase brand awareness and reach stakeholders: Customers, talents, investors, partners who identify with the brand’s values and attitude.

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However, a brand appearance that does not adequately represent your brand diminishes its value. Outdated or interchangeable design inevitably affects the perception of your company, its services or products.

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Developing branding that reflects the core of the brand from an internal perspective is a challenge.

That’s why we enable a change in perspective with a strategic branding process. We develop brand design systems that clearly define what the brand looks like – and why.

So that you can manage and communicate the brand in a way that is appropriate for the target group – both internally and externally.

Brands that work with us

„For two years in a row, Helder’s naming and design perfectly translated the themes of sustainability and responsibility into the ASC & MSC Brand Awareness campaign.“

Manuel Maillard
Marketing Manager, MSC

„Helder has the ability to capture the essence of the company’s idea and translate it into one word. We have benefited from this for our own brand as well as our clients.“

Felix Prinz zu Salm-Salm
head of communications, werter

„Together with Helder, we developed a narrative that makes complex services and products understandable, accessible and desirable.“

Clemens Reisbeck
Marketing Manager, DCSO

„In the brand workshop, we experienced the potential of our brand from a new perspective. The process has positively changed external and internal brand perception.“

Nathalie Thomsen
CEO, entity

„With Helder, we have not only developed a brand, but also a lifestyle. Together we created a value strategy and based on it a brand design that I can identify with 100%.“

Wulf Rowek
CEO, Lourie

„The brand workshop still forms the basis of our communications strategy today. It has made brand management of Weingut Prinz Salm much easier for us, because we now have a clear basis for decision-making.“

Nina Hansen
Inhaber, Weingut Prinz Salm

  • Chemistry Call

    1. Chemistry Call

    Clarify requirements, expectations and scope in a non-binding initial meeting.

  • Workshop

    2. Strategy

    In a one-day workshop, we jointly develop a content briefing for the brand design.

  • Brand Clarity Process: Brand Design

    3. Design

    Based on the content, we iteratively develop your brand design.

  • Markenstrategie

    Implementation and launch

    Transfer of the brand design into touchpoints – from the brand manual to the company website.

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We make visible what your brand stands for, so that it is seen, heard and understood. That’s what we strive for in every project.

  • Dr. Birgit Joest – Strategy Director

    Dr. Birgit Joest

    Strategy Director

  • Maurits den Held

    Creative Director

  • Alica Jörg

    Design Director

  • Lina Becker

    Lina Becker


  • Marina Mengis


  • Judith Bömer

    Judith Bömer

    Project manager

We make visible what your brand stands for, so that it is seen, heard and understood. That’s what we strive for in every project.

  • Good branding is contextually well-founded

    It is always based on the brand’s core, its culture, values and competencies.

  • Good branding creates clarity

    It is so striking that the transmitter is identifiable even without a logo.

  • Good branding differentiates

    Those with the courage to do things differently distinguish themselves from the competition – and show that they have confidence both in themselves and others too.

  • Good branding is aesthetic

    Es setzt eure Marke vom Wettbewerb ab – und zeigt, dass ihr euch und eurem Gegenüber etwas zutraut.

  • Good branding shows attitude

    It uses it to create potential identification points for people: consumers, associates and coworkers. It is self-consistent, comprehensible, modular and can be deployed across all media.

  • Good branding is recognizable

    It is so striking that the transmitter is identifiable even without a logo.

  • Good branding is holistic in thought

    It tangibly reduces cognitive dissonances for coworkers, consumers, associates.

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What we do not do

  • Unpaid work

    We are ready to go the famous extra mile – if both partners are committed. However, we do not work for free. That’s why we don’t deliver concepts or designs as part of unpaid pitches. We are happy to answer questions about what we do. Talk to us.

  • Unethical projects

    We do not work with clients whose values we do not share. This includes companies or institutions that do not respect or intentionally harm or disrespect people, animals and the environment, e.g. radical, unconstitutional political organizations, conventional animal breeding or the arms industry.

  • Unfair treatment

    Mutual respect and appreciation are a high value for us. This applies to every employee, regardless of origin, nationality, age, gender, religious affiliation, sexual orientation or physical or mental limitations.

Basics for choosing a branding agency

Overview of frequently asked questions

  • What does a branding agency do?

    A branding agency develops new brands or refines existing brands. The goal is to define a captious brand identity. Differentiated communication and captivating design are essential in branding and contribute to a strong brand personality.

  • For which industries is a branding agency important?

    The process is applicable across all industries. Our branding agency specializes in lifestyle, tech, and community brands.

  • How long does a branding project run?

    We collaborate closely with our clients. This creative ping-pong between branding agency and client is part of the branding process. From kick-off to the finished brand design, you should therefore plan a period of 8-12 weeks. Depending on the scope of the project, it can sometimes go faster.

  • What is the advantage of a specialized agency over a full service agency?

    The advantage of a specialized agency is the expertise in one area and relevant references. With large agencies, it can happen that services are purchased at a low price without the customer knowing about it. We always brief our clients so that other agencies can work on this base.

  • Branding agency in Berlin for a project in Munich, Basel, Vienna, London?

    Two thirds of our customers are located outside Berlin. We organize arrangements and appointments digitally or on-site at the client’s location.

  • What belongs in a briefing for a branding agency?

    As a corporate design agency, we always work from the content of a brand. For this, we offer our brand strategy workshop, which serves as the base for the corporate design. Alternatively, we work with a written briefing that includes the strategy of the brand.

  • How do you select a branding agency?

    If the first impression is right, it is advisable to conduct initial interviews with various agencies. It is crucial that the agency processes resonate with your own structures and that a common set of values exists.

  • Why branding agency instead of advertising agency?

    Branding is not marketing. As a branding agency, we define the company at the most fundamental level – strategically and visually. Marketing are operational tools that build on branding. When the big picture of the brand needs to be defined, a branding agency, is the more sustainable choice.

  • Does a pitch make sense for a branding project?

    We see a workshop as more useful because you get to know the brand and the project fundamentally. The insights result in a brand profile that can also serve as a briefing for other agencies.

  • We are interested in working with Helder. What is the next step?

    We first schedule a call or video conference to discuss requirements and whether we can help. We put together a quote, a first timeline, and references. We arrange a video conference or face-to-face decision-level meeting. After that, you decide if you want to work with us.

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